Westbank Pools Building Process

Our Pool Building Process is composed of 9 distinct steps. Below is a step-by-step summary of what you can expect when building a pool with Westbank Pools. We want to be as transparent as possible to manage your expectation, not to overpromise as others may.

On Site Visit, Design, and Engineering

Our process commences with an onsite visit, where we document your ideas and requirements for your desired pool, spa and outdoor living space. After listening to your ideas, we will ask several questions and give recommendations and options to round out a perfect plan.

We will take measurements and pictures and obtain a copy of your backyard survey to be used in our design and permitting process. We also evaluate the impact of any easements and power and other cable lines and protected tree roots for the allowed placement of your pool.

We then work with our designers and engineers to create your custom pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and fire pit design. You will be sent a 3-D virtual reality video for your review and input. We will also cover choices for your pergola, fire pit, refrigerators, pizza ovens, grills, entertainment centers, etc. Once you are happy with the design, we will forward you our proposal including pricing.

After we receive your signed contract we translate your customized design into a detailed engineered construction drawings, then we will mark out the design in your backyard outline where the pool, spa and decking will be located. This step of the process can take a week or two.

Permitting, HOA and Material Selection

Depending on where you live in the Central Texas area the permitting and approval process can be short and sweet or one that requires multiple approvals and commencement delays. Our team of engineers and schedulers work to expedite the process with city jurisdictions.

We have experience dealing with issues regarding impervious cover, protected trees, utility easements to structural integrity. Our team not only knows the regulations but the key contacts to keep the process on track. Some jurisdictions may just require HOA approvals and we can assist there as well.

If you live in an unincorporated/ETJ then there may be little or no delays in startup. During this time our sales and design team work with you to get your tile, coping, plaster, and appliance selections finalized. This phase can be from a week to a several weeks depending on your jurisdiction.

The Dig

To kick-off the construction of your pool we will paint the layout based on the engineering drawings in order to confirm your desired location and size. Before we dig, we review the plat and get the requisite reviews of city or county jurisdictions for any easements or buried utility lines.

The excavation process may look simple, but it takes experience, knowledge, and ability to dig precisely and safely. Compaction of the pool base can be performed by natural soil or by using gravels, or as in many Central Texas sites, using the natural stone.

We will then set the wooden forms that define the outline of your pool and spa. Heads up here, as in any construction project it can be messy, but we work hard to keep your site as clean as possible during construction. Additionally irrigation systems may need to be rerouted.

The excavation, compacting and forming is done in one to three days after final layout inspection is approved.

Steel and Plumbing Installation

Week 2 of the construction process consists of the steel and plumbing installation and can take from two to five days plus time for inspection if required. Then steel is installed for reinforcement of the pool walls and floor. The steel and the forms define the shape or shell of your new swimming pool. We use 1/2" rebar tied on to 10” centers with a four-bar beam and additional bars at all high-stress areas. For complex structural requirements double matt mesh is used.

The plumbing system is customized to ensure the hydraulics support proper circulation to maintain the pool clean and fresh. This system also runs the spa and water features at optimal performance. All plumbing is subject to permit and inspection by the requisite jurisdiction.

Shooting Your Pool

Step 5 is the shooting of pressurized gunite (a dry fine concrete mixed with water when shot) that is layered and sculpted according to your design. Craftsmen control the shoot to give shape to your pool, spa, steps, ledges, stools and swim up bars.

Generally, the thickness of the concrete base and walls of the pool determines the durability. Our engineers require wall thickness of 10 to 12” (which is above industry standard).

This one-to-two-day process does not include the time that is needed to allow the drying and curing of the gunite which can take up to 28 days.

Electrical and Installation of Equipment

The next step in the process is to layout and install the electrical requirements for your pool. We also install your pumps, filters, and heaters during this step. Pools and spas require electrical equipment to maintain water quality, power lights, and run the pool equipment, including pumps for circulation and to run water features.

These electrical installations must be done according to the electrical code in your area and must be installed by a licensed electrician who will be pulling permits and subject to inspection by local jurisdictions.

One of the main components of electrical system is the safe bonding of the pool. This is the process by which the electrical and metallic components of the pool are joined together with a ground wire to form a non-resistive path between the components.

The goal of bonding is to connect, contain and prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people, and pets. This part of the pool building process requires two days plus time for permitting and inspections.

Tile, Coping and Decking

This step is where you start to see the color designs you choose begin to come to life. Tiles are utilized to decorate your pool as well as provide a durable interior finish which is much easier to clean and maintain.  We laser-level and set forms across the entire pool so that the waterline tile is perfectly straight.

The pool coping is a cap around the edge of the pool. Made from stone or concrete, the pool coping is normally about 12 inches wide and causes a nice visual separation from your deck. Your pool deck where you place lounge chairs, tables, and other pool/backyard furniture, firepits, pergolas and outdoor kitchens can be either concrete or wood or some combination. Stone, travertine, Kool Cote, and other finishes are available for you to select from.

The tile, coping phase takes approximately four to seven days to complete. Time frame for the decking is dependent upon the design and square footage of your chosen design, usually one to two weeks.

If you are unsure of how to narrow down your choices our experienced design team can meet with you and suggest options.

Interior Finish

The interior finish is the concrete coating that is applied to the floor and walls of the swimming pool This is when the surfacing of your pool, in the color and type plaster you choose takes place. You may opt for aggregate finishes which are made from a mixture of materials, like pebbles, glass beads, quartz, and cement.

Expert craftsmen introduce directional flows of pressurized concrete, then trowels are used to knead the surface into the final design style. The day after, the pool is acid washed and polished and then filled with water. The interior finish is completed after approximately two to three days.

Pool Start-Up and School

Our start-up technician is responsible for testing the swimming pool to ensure that it is functioning properly. They will start the circulating pump, auto fill, lights, heater, any water features and programs the equipment including the wireless connections. The start-up technician will also thoroughly clean the pool and the tile.

Once completed with the scrubbing and brushing of the pool and surrounding areas, the tech will then begin the balance of the water and the chlorine start-up. The process takes about a day to complete, and you should see a completely blue pool in a few days.

Our technician will then provide you our Pool School, whereby we walk you through the equipment and features of the pool so you can understand how they work and how to operate them, including controls from your phone application.

You are also offered our weekly maintenance service if you should require it or will instruct you in the proper chemistry and cleaning for you to service your own pool. Additionally, this is the time we cover our warranties with you. You are now ready to enjoy your pool.